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Learn to Speak English Confidently and Quickly with Our Comprehensive Curriculum. Our Course Includes Real-World Engaging Lessons & Exercises, and Master English for Success — Join Our Course Today!

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Available Both Hindi & English Language

Who Is This Course For ?


Aiming to excel English Grammar and speaking skills.

Working Professionals

for a better communication at their workplace. '

Job Seekers,

Job Seekers, looking for better job opportunities, as many jobs require English proficiency.


Networkers, who likes to meet new people and need English for effective communication.

Here's What You'll Get In The Program :

1. 25+ Spoken English E-Books

Have A Look At Some E-Book

Complete Tense Guide

Grammer Guide

5000 Daily used
Spoken Vacabulary

Voice & Accent

Synonyms & Antonyms

English Spoken Stories

And Some More E-Books..(Total 25+ E-Books

2.Complete Video Course

1. Understandin Sentences in English
2. Framing Questions and Greetings in English
3. How to Start a Conversation in English
4. How to Introduce Yourself in English
5. Usage of ‘this’, ‘that’, ‘these’, ‘those’ in a Sentenc
6. Adjectives in English Grammar
 Assignment : Simple conversations
 Quiz : Simple conversations >

1. How to Improve Listening Skills in English
2. How to Improve Reading Skills in English
3. Reading Comprehension Strategies
Assignment : Listening, Reading, and Comprehension
Quiz : Listening, Reading, and Comprehension 

1. Understanding Phonetics(Vowels) in English
2. Understanding Phonetics (Diphthongs) in English
3. Understanding Phonetics(Consonants) in English
4. Understanding Difficult Sounds in English
5. Problem Sounds in English
6. Pronouncing Silent Letters in English
7. Types of Sentence Stress in English
Assignment : Pronunciation
Quiz : Pronunciation

1. Articles in English Grammar
2. Prefixes in English Grammar
3. Suffixes in English Grammar
4. Prepositions in English Grammar
5. Preposition of Relation in English
6. Coordinating Conjunctions in English Grammar
7. Subordinating and Corelative Conjunctions in English Grammar
8. Subject and Verb in English Grammar
9. Verb and Object in English Grammar
10. Subject-Verb Agreement in English Grammar
11. Present Tense (Simple Present and Present Continuous) in English GrammarPresent Tense (Present 12. Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous) in English Grammar
13. Past Tense(Simple, Continuous and Perfect Continuous) in English Grammar
14. Future Tense (Simple Future and Future Continuous) in English Grammar
15. Future Tense ( Future Perfect and Future Perfect Continuous) in Englis

1. How to Tell Time in English
2. Polite Expressions in English
3. Polite Phrases in English
4. Asking Questions in English
5. Telephone Conversations in English
6. Invitations in English
7. Responding To Invitations in English
 Assignment : Telephonic English/Business Englis
 Quiz : Telephonic English/Business English

1. Ways of Responding in English (Rejoinders)
2. Ways of Responding in English (clarifying, offering)
3. Asking & Giving Directions in English
4. Sequencing Words in English
5. Asking for Input and Making Recommendations in English
6. Elaboration Techniques in English
Assignment : Responses
Quiz : Responses

1. Expressing Preference in English
2. Narration (Direct Speech) in English
3. Narration (Indirect Speech) in English
4. Ways of Comparing in English
5. Comparison and Contrasting Linkers in English
6. Self-introduction for Interview in English
7. Interview Questions & Answers in English
8. Expressing Agreement in English
9. Expressing Disagreement in English
10. Summarizing in English
11. ParaphrasingParaphrasing Techniques in Englis
12. How to Inquire in English
Assignment : Vocabulary
Quiz : Vocabulary Techniques in English

  • How to Give a Speech in English
    Introduction & Conclusion of Speech in English
    Types of Speech in English
    Storytelling (Narrating Scene & Character) in English
    Narrating Incident & Suspense in English
    Accent & Tone in English
    Intonation & Voice Modulation in English
    Body Language Communication in English
    Assignment : Public Speech
    Quiz : Public Speech

Course Summary

Interview Question in Spoken English

Career Guideline

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What is the language of English Spoken Video course?

This course is availabele in both , hindi and english language ?
यह course हिंदी और अंग्रेजी दोनों भाषाओं में उपलब्ध है

What is included in the English Spoken eBook Bundle?

The English Spoken Course consists of a comprehensive collection of eBooks + Complete Video Course designed to improve your spoken English skills. It includes modules on vocabulary expansion, pronunciation, grammar, conversation strategies, and more.

Is it a recorded course or a live course?

It's a recorded course which will be given to you in a video format. On signup, you will create account and password using which you can watch all the modules in one go.

When will I get Course Access after making purchase?

You will get instantly an email with the download link. Somehow if you entered wrong email address, in this case you to verify payment and we will email you manually.

What Payment methods do you support?

We covered each and every payment method including wallets(Paytm, Phonepay, G-pay), Net Banking, Debit or Credit Cards etc.


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