Social Media Drives Me Crazy, but There is a Method to the Madness when You Use It to Market Your Business

Social media reminds me of movies I have seen where the characters are in an asylum. There are patients in various stages of what us laymen would call “nuttiness.” However, if you are in business, social media is needed in order to connect with your customers. You would think it would be confined to a specific age demographic, but the big social media platform has young and old and everything in between. Plus, they control Instagram too. A nation of people who pretty much all have smartphones with cameras has made Instagram relevant for business, and to get more followers is also a very relevant topic for any new business that has an Instagram account.

Like other social media platforms, your posts get more showing to the masses if you have a lot of followers. If you just got into Instagram with your business, you might get a good number right off the bat from your other social media followers, but then it seems you hit a plateau. To get more followers organically is kind of tough until you pass this threshold that has an invisible number known only to the algorithm of the social media platform you want more followers with. Then it seems like the algorithm loves you and promotes everything you say or every picture you post putting them in front of thousands and thousands of more people who are then potential customers and followers.

I don’t know the mystery numbers social media platforms use in order to make an account stand out as how Kim Kardashian’s account probably stands out to Twitter. All I know is that growing the number of followers you have and retaining them with your creative content turns out to be a good thing as far as marketing your company is concerned. So, if you have to buy some followers to get noticed, then there are ways to do that.